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BeChat centralizes private messages from multiple social media networks for easy management. Streamline your conversations with our platform.

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Everything you need to manage your conversations.

Well, we hope that's all you need, if you need anything else, just ask us to develop it.

This is the main page, here you find all your conversations and the main features of BeChat.

Conversation management features

Because this is the most important feature, we have to give you more information


To store and share customer information

Did the client give you important information? Does he tell you a detail that you can come up with later? Note it


Because you must not forget to delegate your tasks

It is possible to assign each conversation to a dedicated agent who will take care of the customer response


To clean up the list of your conversations

BeChat's goal is to make your life easier so you can practice inchat 0 and know who you still have to answer

Simple pricing, for everyone.

Choose a BeChat plan that fits your needs and start streamlining your conversations today.

Starter 🎉

Good for anyone just getting started.


  • Up to 2 integrations 🔗
  • 1 agent 👱‍♂️
  • Conversation archiving 🗃️
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Business 🚀

Perfect for small and medium business.

$42/ month

  • Up to 10 integrations 🔗
  • Shared notes to a conversation 📝
  • Conversation archiving 🗃️
  • Up to 20 agents 👱‍♂️
  • Assigned agent on conversations 🙋‍♂️
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Entreprise 🏢

Perfect for the big companies.

58$/ month

  • Up to 20 integrations 🔗
  • Shared notes to a conversation 📝
  • Conversation archiving 🗃️
  • Up to 200 agents 👱‍♂️
  • Assigned agent on conversations 🙋‍♂️
  • A tiny dashboard 📊
  • Shared answer templates 💬
  • Translate messages 🈳
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Don't believe us, believe them

    • BeChat has been a game-changer for my business! As a solopreneur, managing messages from different platforms was overwhelming. Now, with BeChat, I can respond to clients and prospects quickly, stay organized, and focus on growing my business. Highly recommended!

      Sarah J
      Freelance Consultant
    • BeChat integrated seamlessly with our existing systems, improving our internal communication and customer engagement. The ability to assign conversations to specific agents based on their expertise has significantly increased our response time and ensured a personalized experience for each customer. BeChat is a valuable addition to our tech stack!

      Alexandre M
      Customer Experience Director
    • BeChat has been instrumental in managing our increasing customer inquiries. It empowers our team to work collaboratively, ensuring no message goes unnoticed. The intuitive interface and automation features have transformed our customer support process, making it more efficient and enhancing customer satisfaction.

      Michael H
      CEO of E-Commerce Company
    • Building my personal brand became effortless with BeChat. It helped me stay consistent across different platforms and engage with my audience effectively. BeChat's unified approach allowed me to nurture valuable relationships and expand my network. I'm impressed by its simplicity and efficiency.

      Jessica L
      Influencer & Content Creator
    • As an entrepreneur, BeChat has become my secret weapon. It saves me so much time by centralizing all my messages in one place. Being able to manage conversations efficiently allows me to focus on strategic decisions and close more deals. BeChat is a must-have for any entrepreneur!

      Mark S
      Startup Founder
    • Our marketing team loves BeChat! It's a powerful tool that streamlines our communication with prospects. Assigning conversations to the right team members has never been easier. BeChat helps us provide a seamless experience to our audience, and we've seen a significant increase in customer engagement.

      Andrea K
      Marketing Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team and if you're lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What is BeChat?

      BeChat is a platform that centralizes private messages from several social networks for easy management.

    • How does BeChat work?

      BeChat works by integrating with various social media networks to retrieve and organize private messages.

    • Can BeChat help me improve my customer service?

      Yes, by centralizing your private messages, you can respond to customers faster and provide more personalized service.

    • How much does BeChat cost?

      BeChat offers different pricing plans depending on the features and usage needs of your business.

    • Is a BeChat free trial available?

      Yes, BeChat has a lifetime free plan.

    • What kind of support does BeChat offer?

      BeChat offers support via our knowledge base, email support and chat support during business hours.

    • What social media networks does BeChat support?

      BeChat currently supports private messages from major social networks and email services.

    • What if one of my social networks is not supported by BeChat

      If one of your social networks is not currently supported by BeChat, just ask us to add it

    • Is my data secure with BeChat?

      Yes, BeChat takes data security and privacy very seriously.